ATT Systems is a premier one-stop solution service provider founded in 1998. Excelling in Queue Management Solutions, Security System, Traffic Management Solutions and Systems Integration, we pride ourselves in achieving customer satisfaction through our round-the-clock customer care service and technical support, innovative designs and excellence in quality; meeting our customers’ every need.

Queue Management

Gone are the days of long queues. ATT Systems Queue Management makes waiting for one’s turn at a bank, hospital, polyclinic and statutory boards fuss-free. An intelligent queuing system evolving through years of experience, ATT Systems queue management system is integrated with our clients’ existing systems to form a smooth progression from start to end of queue. ATT Systems customises to suit our clients’ unique needs, attaining the highest level of customer service which boosts our clients’ brand image.

Our premium queue system gives our valued clients the freedom to focus on their core business of their customers.

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ATT Systems Queue Management Systems

ATT Systems is fully committed to our clients at every stage. Our 24/7, 365 days-a-year post-sales technical support sets us apart from our competitors. Our solutions include and are not limited to Customer Request Terminal, Recall Terminal, Virtual Client, Web/ Reporting Admin, Appointment Scheduler, Feedback Solutions, Radio Frequency Identification Detector, SMS Solutions, LED/ LCD Solutions, Media Solutions, Queue Kiosk.

ATT Systems Security Management Systems

ATT Systems advance Security Management technology and products gives our clients an edge in the area of security and asset protection. Our solutions include and are not limited to Video Analytic System, Automatic Number Plate recognition, Guard Tour Systems, Hydraulic Bollard System, Turnstile System, Lift management System and Road Blocker.

ATT Systems Traffic Management Systems

Chaotic traffic is reduced to a minimum through ATT Systems integrated Traffic Management Solutions. Our solutions include and are not limited to Emergency Roadside Telephone, Automatic Vehicle Movement & Monitoring Systems, Traffic Video Analytics System, Toll management, Metrological Data System, Mobile Radio Communication, E-Automatic traffic Counting & Classification, Mobile Traffic Enforcement Camera, Variable Message Solutions and Highway Maintenance Service.

System Integration

ATT Systems Integrated Systems Solutions connects fundamental systems with our organizations, solving business challenges and creating opportunities to increase business performance. Our solutions include and are not limited to Enforcement System, Flight Information Display Systems, Master Clock, Surveillance Vehicle Movement and Monitoring System, Vehicle Tracking System, Central Control System and Video Surveillance System.

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